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2Colour Bean is a graphic design company specializing with logo design and brand identity in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer the most affordable logo design prices in South Africa. Choose a suitable option from our competitively priced logo design packages to get started. Let us help you create a memorable brand image that communicates the values and corporate culture of your business starting with the logo design today.

Coffee Cup Packaging Design

Reign Couture

Farhana and her business partner wanted a simple, elegant and eye-catching logo type that will complement their garments. The logo needed to give a feeling of Royalty hence emphasizing the word “Reign”. We designed a simple wordmark logo and made reign slightly bold to emphasize Royalty.

Feedback from the client

“We would highly recommend the design services of 2Colour Bean. We opted for the corporate identity package and we were extremely happy with the final deliverables. Very professional service, quality output and quick turnaround times! Thank you.” – Farhana Stone (Reign Couture)

Corporate Identity Package
Brochure Design

Corporate Identity Design

A brand identity is built on a logo and unless due attention is paid, the identity of your brand may remain diluted.

Logo design & Brand Identity

We create strong and impactful brand identities for small businesses inspired by simplicity in our logo designs. Brands with simple logos often standout the most and are easily recognised & remembered.

Corporate Stationery design

Corporate stationery holds as much sway as any other business marketing material. Once the logo is done, its time to create compelling corporate stationery designs that’ll help you make great first impression.

Business Branding

Business branding often confused with brand identity design. Branding is how the world view and perceive your company. From our brand design experience we can help you define how people view and perceive your brand

Are you planning to launch a new product or service to the South African market?

Graphic Design

Apart from basic brand identity design projects our graphic design experience extends to more creative solutions like packaging design, outdoor advertising and publication design. 

Product Packaging Design

Consumer behaviour is vastly influenced by product aesthetics. Packaging is the ultimate opportunity for you to communicate your brand’s message visually. Work with us to create an iconic packaging design for your product.

Print & Publication Layout

Company profiles or corporate brochures demand increases year on year even though marketing has gone digital. We design brochures, annual reports, newsletters, magazines, posters, flyers and more.

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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Shufti Rides

The word Rides is self explanatory; so we tilted the letter “R” to appear as if it’s carrying the letter “i” to emphasize the meaning of the word “ride”and to give a general idea of the product (electric ride on cars) offered. Letter “e” is raised and letter “s” tilted to add visual balance to the design. Re-arranging and rotation of letters also portrays energy, fun and adds character to the design.

Feedback from the client

“2Colour Bean did an amazing job for us. I’m very happy with their work and I highly recommend them. They’re extremely talented.” – Shufti Rides

Brand identity design case studies

The brand identity of a Company is more than a Logo Design, it is the collection of all brand elements that the company creates to portray the right image of itself to the consumer.

Business Logo Design South Africa

We have been creating beautiful logo designs in South Africa since 2016 and we always ready to take on new creative challenges. A well thought logo concept can help you sell your new product better. Quality company logo designs and affordable logo design prices in South Africa, helping you get the most out of your budget.

Company Logo Design

Every successful brand has a professional company logo design used to market and promote its product and services. We focus on helping startup and small businesses build the connection between their brands and prospects through unique & strong logo designs and brand identities.

Less is More

Our logo designers understand that less is more and that’s what set us apart from others offering logo design in South Africa. Whether you are looking for a logo design in Johannesburg or Pretoria we are able to offer our logo design South Africa service to any business in the country.

Logo design South Africa

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