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Customer experiences

Three Months Search Performance for MPPBP


is a contractor in South Africa providing complete construction of piggery and poultry house structures for commercial farming.

We were hired in November 2018 to design and optimise their site for SEO, to improve visibility for customers & increase leads.

The problem

The client’s goal was to have a website that could help them generate client leads while building brand awareness.

They also told us that they would really like to spend less on their digital marketing campaigns in the future, while they still get client leads.

What was really challenging was that previously they had no online presence at all.

Our Solution

We proposed that we design and optimise their website then run a 3 month Google Adwords campaign.

Our objective was to use Google Adwords to find out:

  • What search terms trigger their ads the most.
  • What goals people might want to achieve for each search term.
  • What questions do they ask when they contact them.

On our findings we figured 90% of people who contacted them were looking for quotes so they can apply for funding from the Government and Private Investors.

We then revisited the user interface (UI) design to adjust website’s content flow to drive website visitors to the lead form which will help:

  • Them to request a quote for the building of their desired structure for poultry or piggeries.
  • MPPBP also to achieve their goal of acquiring client leads using their website.

The results

As of June 2020 their website generates 15 leads per week from organic monthly traffic

Currently, their website ranks for over 212 carefully selected & researched SEO keywords, and rank on the 1st page of Google Search for over 20 of them.

Their investment of trust in our skill & expertise has led them to hundreds of leads, in only a matter of months.

From the client

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