5 Key Things Affecting Your Website Performance And How To Improve Them

5 Key Things Affecting Your Website Performance And How To Improve Them

If you have a website for your small business, you probably have spent a lot of time and money it up online, yet customers cannot find you and those who see your site spend seconds on it rather than minutes, your website may need some improvements.

Good web designers or web design companies create websites that engages a visitor. Here are five things that your website may not be sending the right message to the right people, and ways that you can fix this.

Lack of good CTAs

The crucial call to action for your website is a simple contact button or form

Not specific enough

Your website serves a wide audience rather than the interests and needs of your specific customers

The content is selfish

The copy of your website talks more about your business than your customers

No customer bribe

You are missing a lead magnet, that compelling call to action which gives you the best leads and sales

Unproductive website

Your website doesn’t really generate many leads apart from the odd email per week

How To Improve These 5 Things That Negatively Impact Your Website Performance

Outline your business, its services, and what their value is to the customer – Tell customers what you do, and why it is important to them. Show customers your value. A portfolio is a way to highlight your skills. Capture the essence of how your company provides benefits to customers, things that perhaps your competitors ignore.

Define your customers first – Study your website statistics and learn about the people who are frequenting your site. What you want to attract are customers who require your experience as a business and expertise as a company.

Always think of the customer benefits for everything that you post on your website – Good copywriting is one way of giving customers value for their visit to your site. Show customers, rather than telling, why they can benefit from your services or product.

Exceptional content can create a following via newsletters, blogs, etc. It can also impart information that your customers really want to know. Answer customer questions in an honest and professional manner, and make sure that you have fresh content on a regular basis.

Another item of value for your customer may be in the form of samples or previews of your products and services, discounts, package deals, or regular newsletters.

Use your site to generate leads –  You want a website that encourages positive actions and helps to close the sale. Make it easy for your customers to navigate and offer lots of different benefits so that it becomes a lead magnet, attracting all the business which you can handle and then more! Giving customers an incentive to use your product or service can make a sale. For example, an ebook or downloadable packet of information offered for potential customers. This is used as a way to bribe the customer into providing an email address for contact in exchange for something of value to the customer.

Regular website blogging – You will want to write regular blog posts, updates, and offer relevant and informative articles via your site. The more you can make your website a resource about your business; the more often potential customers will return. Your own special knowledge of your business is a great way to attract customers – create a help guide, tip sheet, or e-book of value to give your customer a bit of yourself.

Track your websites vital statistics – Install website tracking / monitoring on your site. Make notes on which pages are clicked most often, how many visitors you have over a period of time, how long page visits last. You can use this information to compare when giving your site a tune-up, and this way you will know more about your audience as well as whether or not your new approach is having the desired effect.

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