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Get the best company logo design South Africa has to offer for your brand from one of the leading logo design companies in South Africa. We’re affordable – perfect for small businesses.

Custom logo design South Africa

Simple and iconic logos

“Simplicity is key not a trend”, words from the founder of 2Colour Bean, Msimelelo Makatesi. When it comes to marketing, clear and straight forward communication is key, as such you need to keep your logo design as simple for effective communication. We’re one of leading custom logo designing companies that appreciate simplicity in design. Since 2016, 2Colour Bean has bean crafting bespoke business logo designs for over 300 small businesses. Simplicity in our designs is what makes our company logo designs stand out from other offering custom logo design for companies, making us one of the leaders when it comes to designing company logos.

Our bespoke logo design process

How to get started?

01. Fill in the form

Send your design requirements using the inquiry form.

02. Google meeting

We’ll call you to schedule a Google meeting.

03. Paperwork

We draft a proposal based on our meeting.

04. Time to work

We drive the process from here, wait for work to review.

05. Review & revisions

You review, provide feedback and we revise accordingly.

06. Sign off

You approve, we compile and send all usable digital files.

Logo and branding packages

Simple branding prices

Fireup R2450

Logo design only, you will get 2 design options, original vector, all relevant image files and full copyright ownership.

  • Discovery meeting
  • Inspiration board
  • Complementary typeface & colour palette
  • Primary and secondary logo
  • Print & web versions
  • Logo style guide
  • Unlimited revisions

Starter R3950

Starter package includes logo design, business card, email signature, letterhead and full copyright ownership.

  • Discovery meeting
  • Inspiration board
  • Complementary typeface & colour palette
  • Primary and secondary logo
  • Print & web versions
  • Logo style guide
  • Business card & stationery

Fillup R9450 R6000

Fillup package includes all you need to launch your company and start marketing your products or services.

  • Discovery meeting
  • Inspiration board
  • Complementary typeface & colour palette
  • Primary and secondary logo
  • Logo style guide
  • Business card & stationery
  • Website design

Customer testimonials

Words from happy clients

8 consulting testimonial

Marry-Jane Ngwane

2Colour did a stunning job understanding and translating my requirements. They have provided me with world class service, and I will continue to use them for all my branding needs.

MPPBP Testimonial

Ivan Makatesi

Great service and excellent design work. I never thought a website could help grow my business grow so fast. Not only you designed it but you ensured that my website appears on Google for some of important keywords.

DealRock Risk Partners Testimonial

Ndumiso Ncube

Excellent work from the guys! Really pleased with the result.

Gold Upholstery Testimonial

Golden Tinashe Musarurwa

The best in the game. This guys did my website and they more than professionals, I could highly recommend them. Thank you

Brand identity

Simple enough to recall

When it comes to your brand’s identity, a company logo design plays a key role; identification. Ensure you design a company logo that is simple enough to instill your brand to your customers. People will recall your brand after just a glance, they should also be able to easily describe or identify shapes used to construct your company logo. As a company logo design South Africa we have a team of expert logo designers who are ready to tell your brand story in a simple company logo design South Africa company logo designers can design.

Logo Design Cape Town AllFitX Fitness Centre
Logo Design South Africa DealRock Risk Partners

Easily adaptable

Apply your logo anywhere

Think about all the possible ways to which your company logo design can be applied. When it comes to designing company logo a professional logo designer will consider any other branding elements like pens, business cards, website, car decals, social media, outdoor signage etc. We see a lot of company logos in South Africa that limit companies when it comes to branding. To us offering logo designing services in South Africa means we need to stay up to date with changes and trends in the industry if we are to remain ahead of others offering company logo designing. Logo design for companies needs experience and knowledge to express a brand’s personality and add expert touches.

Logo Design Cape Town Checks and Balances
Logo Design Hout Bay Cape Town Little Kubu Lodge

Custom logo designs

Bespoke logo designs in SA

Whether you sell products or services you need a professional company logo. Besides being one of the most affordable business logo designers in SA, the quality and simplicity in our company logo designs is what sets us apart from others offering logo design service in South Africa.

Look no further for a reputable logo agency, we’ve created over 300 logos in South Africa for small businesses and the best part is we create top-class logos at affordable rates

Logo Design South Africa Nazura Investment Corporation
Logo Design South Africa 2Thirds Productions

Logo design Cape Town

A logo that fits your style

Get a logo that fits your design style – cost of logo design in Cape Town has never been this affordable, prices from R2450. There are so many agencies and freelancers offering logo design in Cape Town, you’ll get more for less if you choose to work with us. Look no further for a logo design company in Cape Town that knows how its like to be a small business. We’re affordable, perfect for small businesses, our designs are original and offer 100% Money back guaranteed.

Logo Design Company Cape Town
Logo Design Companies South Africa

Logo design Johannesburg

Know your ideal customer

We all know how important first impression is and you wouldn’t want to compromise on it with amateurish company logo design would you? If you were to describe your ideal customer how would you go about it? Would you say what everyone says “my target audience is small to medium sized businesses and government entities?” Well that’s not how it’s done. We’ll help you say something like “my customer is Sizwe his young middle class between the age of 25 – 34, likes to go out, he enjoys sport, works at a corporate company and wants to start his own side hussle”.

Logo Design Company Johannesburg
Logo Design Johannesburg

Logo design companies Johanneburg

Get more for less

There are so many logo design companies in Johannesburg and freelancers offering custom logo designing services, if you choose to work with us you’ll get more for less. Now that you know your ideal customer is Sizwe, it’s time to figure out all the obstacles that might stand on his way to venture into his side hussle. And how you can actually help him to overcome those with out affecting his performance at his full time job.

Logo Design Companies Cape Town
Logo Designers South Africa

A logo that appeals to your customers

Strong and timeless logos

We figured the secret behind world’s known logos is the process behind their creation. We also trust the same process, it has been tried and tested by known designers to design the logos we use today to identify famous brands such as Google and Apple. Through this process we gather answers to questions like what, who and why. Confusing right? Not for long, you don’t have to look any further for a logo design in Johannesburg, 2Colour Bean design team is ready to assist you with all your branding requirements from logo to website design, company profiles, business cards and stationery.

Logo design companies Cape Town

Look more professional

Make your company look even more professional, with a logo from one of the top logo design companies Cape Town has to offer, 2Colour Bean. Your company with a good logo design will help you, make a great first impression, build a foundation of trust with customers, standout in your industry and most importantly help consumers identify and remember you brand.

No matter where you are in South Africa our logo experts are on standby to help you design a simple and bold identity for your business. We design logos for photographers, construction, attorneys, hospitality, corporate companies, consulting, hair and makeup, restaurants, information technology, wine brands, production or recording studios, security companies and more.

Logo design Durban

Instill confidence

We designed a professional business logo that conveys strength and safety for Daqlas Security Solutions a Durban based company to instill confidence in their capabilities.

Logo Design Durban
Logo Design Companies Durban

Shapes and colour in logo design

Send the right message

When it comes to logo design, shapes hold different associations in our brains. For Daqlas logo, the initial letter D is designed to form a shield symbol when rotated 90° clockwise that sends a clear and straight forward message at glance of what their company is about.

Just like shapes, the choice of colours should be to aid the message your company is trying to communicate. Daqlas logo uses a combination of triangular shapes and a blue color to convey trust, intelligence, strength and safety.

Logo Design Durban
Logo Design Companies Durban

Logo design companies Durban

Trusted by 300+ businesses

In today’s world, you no longer have to rely only on logo design companies in Durban to get the service. The internet has made it easier to communicate and get graphic design services from anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are in South Africa our logo experts are on standby to help you design a simple and bold identity for your business. We design logos for photographers, construction, attorneys, hospitality, corporate companies, consulting, hair and makeup, restaurants, information technology, wine brands, production or recording studios, security companies and more. Never settle for anything less than what your customers find professional.

With so many freelancers and design agencies offering logo design in Durban, its hard to know which company to work with. But if you choose to work with us here are some of the few reasons why 300+ small businesses trust our design services. Try us to see why our portfolio standout than any others offering logo design in Durban.

Logo Design Durban
Logo Design Companies Durban

More about logo design

Your brand identity is built on a logo and unless due attention is paid your company logo may remain diluted. We’ll design you a simple yet bold logo that reflects values of your brand.

We understand why you need a logo

Every logo designers talks about making your brand standout from the crowd. But to us we believe a logo will help you get the attention you need to attract relevant people to want to learn more about your business. We all know how important first impression, we’ll make sure your brand gets right the first time.

We're eager to learn

In order for us to design a logo that communicates your brand’s personality we need to understand your brand’s core. Once we learn about your brand it then helps us make the right design decision that complete your brand at every touch point from fonts choices to colours and patterns.

We'll find inspiration

We will pay you back every cent if you find a logo concept that looks alike with what we’ve come up with. We do work for authentic people and our designs are original. We don’t seek inspiration from logos created by other designers, we look everywhere else from stock photos to everything else that surrounds us, looking for that one thing that will spark that incredible logo idea you will love.

We do our research

The best way to position a brand is knowing who you’re up against. This is very important in logo design process, it helps us identify similarities within your competition like colours, fonts, images etc. At the end of the day you don’t want to end up with a brand logo that looks like something you’ve seen before, it helps to be unique.

We'll get you noticed

A beautifully designed, professional logo & brand design is crucial to getting ahead of your competition in the digital world. That’s why we offer convenient & hassle free graphic design services, so you can focus on what matters most, which is your own brand’s performance. The best logo design South Africa has to offer.

What are the 5 characteristics of a good logo?

A logo is at core of any organisation’s branding – think of it as the first point of contact for most of your potential clients. This is why when we design a logo we make sure it is a true representation of what you stand for and can connect with customers. When it comes to logos no matter what industry you’re in they share five characteristics of a good logo and those are simplicity, relevancy, memorable, timeless and versetile.


The worlds famous and successful brands have one thing in common, their logos are simple and easy to remember. Because most consumers focus on logos for short time, a key ingredient to capture and instill a brand in their mines at short time is simplicity. With a simple logo you can focus on highlighting the most important aspects of a brand’s personality.

That means giving more attention to aspects like colors and fonts as well as on distilling ideas into their simplest form. For example, we used a symbol as a powerful way of creating simplicity for Daqlas Security Solutions logo, as it can instill a mental association with their brand values.


Successful logos are relevant to the niches targeted by their companies and they clearly communicate a brand’s personality, what they’re about and their identity. Colours and fonts choices are the key components of your logo that can trigger unique emotions that show’s your brand’s personality, tone and its values. 

With a perfect symbol you can establish a visual anchor for your logo that can be used on its own as simpler version of your company logo design.


If people can recall your logo even for the first time they see it, it means you have a good business logo. You need a logo to build a connection with consumers to persuade to show interest in your product or service. Brands that stick in consumers’ minds are those with simple logo designs that are unique, easy to remember and produce a strong impact.


Most startup owners are always tempted to want their logos to be relevant with the current trends. This is not always the best because design trends come and go and this may force an early rebrand for your company. In order for your logo to stand the test of time and remain above the pack, it needs to be relevant and simple.

Logo designs that look good now because they are relevant to the current design trends will probably need to be redesigned in a short period of time. Timeless logos focus on quality over quantity, removing many of the unnecessary elements and crazy ideas and focusing on what works. This means focusing exclusively on your brand’s core ideas and values to uncover the most effective way to transmit them without unnecessary clutter.


A good logo creates endless branding possibilities for your company. For example, you logo can be printed on a pen or business card and still have all its elements visible. Even the best-looking logos are not necessarily good if they become illegible or unrecognizable when you shrink them for packaging or become distorted when you put them on a billboard. Designing a good logo can be easier if you focus on qualities that makes it a great logo.

Logo design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do you take to design a logo?

    Normally we take 3 – 5 working days to design a logo depending on your brief and the amount of revisions you have it take up to 2 weeks.

  • Do you trademark your logo designs?

    We do not offer trademark service, however, we advise you to consult with your lawyers to file a
    trademark on CIPC on your behalf.

  • I have drawn my own concept, will the logo price remain the the same?

    Yes, the logo design process would still be the same. Your illustration would just allow us to have a more relevant initial batch of logo design concepts.

  • Who owns the rights to my logo?

    Once you pay the full amount you have full commercial rights of your logo. However, 2Colour Bean still reserves the right to use your logo on their portfolio, should you wish 2Colour Bean not to use your logo in any way, you can discuss those terms with us.

  • How many logo concepts do I get?

    With all our logo design packages you can expert 2 logo concepts at minimum. Also the number of concepts we send depend on many things like the design brief the nature of businesses etc.

  • What if I'm not happy with any of the proposed logo concepts?

    It happens sometime that we don’t get it right in the begining but that doesn’t mean we’re did not do good enough or we’re not capable. It simple means there was a miscommunication in the brief, this is why we’re always happy to go back to the drawing board to see where we went wrong. If this happens we’ll really need a comprehensive feedback as to where we missed the brief.

  • How many times can I revise my logo?

    It’s a tough question to answer because some people find it difficult to make up their minds, others are perfectionist while others will approve the logo immediately. Either way, we do give a fair number of revisions given that it makes sense to do so and it’ll add value to your brand.

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