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People often ask what is a company profile and how it's different to a company brochure design

The difference between a company profile and a brochure is that a company profile is a written story about a company and a brochure design is the visual presentation of that story, often referred to as company profile design. A company profile is an introduction to your business aimed at expressing your brand’s story in the most creative and engaging way. Graphic designers use their creativity to help companies and organisations turn their brand stories into attractive corporate brochure designs using text and other visual elements to engage better with their audiences.

What information to include in a company profile?

Showcase everything about your business in a company profile design unique to your brand and close more deals quicker. A company profile often includes a compelling story about how your company began, as well as the company’s vision and values:

  • Brand story
  • Vision and mission
  • Products or services
  • Testimonials
Daqlas Security Solutions Company Profile Design Durban South Africa

Brand story

A cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand.

Vision and mission

You company’s objectives and desired future position combined to provide your brand’s statement.

Products or services

Your unique offer to the market, this is usually in the form of physical products or a service to your desired niche.


Use your past results to increase your chances of closing a deal. A few words from existing clients can make huge difference.

Introduce your company better

Introduce your business with a design to intrigue customers to choose your business over the competition. A perfect company profile layout design with visually appealing graphics and photography will help you sell and close deals even better.

Daqlas Security Company Profile Design Cover
Dikgosigadi Tsa Pitse Company Profile Design Brits Northwest South Africa
Daqlas Security Company-Profile Design Inner Spread
Daqlas Security Company Profile Design Spread
SIMBTAP Company Profile Design Cape Town South Africa
Company Profile Design for a Cape Town Construction Company SIMBTAP
SIMBTAP Company Profile Design South Africa
Company Profile Design Cape Town

Getting to know the brand

Designers of deal closing company profiles.

We believe your company profile shouldn’t be anything less than a deal closing weapon. Nothing can be more convincing to a potential investor or client than a compelling brand story presented in a creative and emotional engaging way.

You’ve done a great job thus far, using words to write an interesting story about your company. It’s time to translate your story into a beautiful handy document investor and potential customers can take with.

This is where we chip in to express our creativity by creating a visual harmony between typography and other visual graphic elements of your corporate brochure design.

We’re here to help if you need help with logo design, copywriting company profile or products catalogue design. We’ll deliver a digital and printable versions of your document’s approved design.

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Interested in our company profile design service?

Your questions about company profile designs, answered below.

  • What is the maximum amount of pages for the R1450 company profile price?

    You company profile will have up to 10 pages including the cover pages. If your document is longer than 10 pages, please contact us for a custom quote.

  • Will I receive an editable version?

    Absolutely yes. If you want we can send your company profile in PowerPoint format. For best printing results we suggest you edit using a vector editing software.

  • I don't have company photos yet, can you provide stock photos?

    Yes we do, additional fees do apply. However there are also free websites that provide fee stock photos, we suggest looking at those first if you have a limited budget.

  • Is possible that I also get an email friendly version?

    Yes, your company profile design will be some in two versions: print-ready and email or web friendly.

  • How long does it take to design a company profile?

    Company profile layout design turnaround times vary from project to project. A document with 10 pages or less and that requires few illustrations, graphs and tables will take 5 - 7 working days.

  • What is the information that goes into a company profile document?

    A company profile often includes a compelling story about how the company began, as well as the company's vision and values, projects and customer reviews.

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