Logo Design Companies South Africa

Which are the top 5 logo design companies in South Africa?

South Africa is home to some of the best creatives in the world, as such it’s really hard to tell who are the best logo design companies in South Africa. There are, however, a few that stood out for us based on their online portfolios and these are:

  • Logo Design Company
  • 2Colour Bean
  • Digital Consulting
  • Logo Company
  • Leno Media

Top Logo Design Companies South Africa

Getting a logo of your company done with a limited budget can be a tough task. You’re not sure if you should hire a small graphic design agency or rather hire a freelancer. Fortunately, there are freelancers and logo design companies in South Africa that offer unbelievable logo design prices without compromising on quality.

What if I don’t like the logos you sent? These are the types of questions you’ll often ask if you’re tight on budget or if the  of the graphic design company you’re considering are too cheap then you expected. Sometimes it can be that the work does not really appeal to you but you’re keen to see what they would come up with.

What separates good logo design companies from the rest?

No matter how limited your budget is, never settle for anything less than what your customers would expect. Remember, you’re not hiring a design agency to make your company look good but you want them to help you communicate your vision better. With that in mind here’s what sets good logo design companies or freelancers apart from the rest:


As much as s talk about adaptive logos, one of the most important traits a designer can have is adaptability. You can’t be too rigid when it comes to process or techniques. With new technologies constantly changing how we create collateral, graphic designers need to be willing to try new things and incorporate new ideasThe most creative output will come from pushing the boundaries and challenging our own capabilities.


The brand identity design process can be hard to define outright: every design agency has its own approach to logo designing. Some designers jump straight to their favourite design software as soon as they have the brief. But good logo design firms trust the process, though it’s the same repeatable steps it works. Experienced designers start with: brand evaluation followed by market research, think about where the logo could be possibly used then sketch a variety of possible ideas before creating a digital draft they’ll send to you.


Once all relevant information has been gathered, the next phase is to analyse the dataAt this stage designers use colour wheels, moldboards or mind maps to find what concepts are worth pursuing. This will allow the designer to see the overall view of your company and what you need, thus enabling a link between a logo that not only looks good but has a deep connection to the values of your brand. Logo design companies that follow a design process always question their concepts: “Is it going to work?”, “Will it help the client communicate their vision better?”, “Will it appeal to Tom and Cindy personas?” e.t.c.


Presentation in design is vital, it’s what drives your decision making as to whether presented concepts work or not for your brand. Because you don’t know all the nuances of the design, you hire professional graphic designers to do what you can’t do. But you’re part of the process, in the end, you’ll give final approval. It is, therefore, essential that the presentation outline justifies the design decisions in the form of concept rational and logo applications.

Before you throw your money away, take a look at the portfolios of these 5 best logo design companies in South Africa.

The following list of logo design companies does not follow a particular order and they all have their logo prices visible on their websites.

Logo Design Company

Logo Design Company is a division of Web Partner. If you’re looking for an illustrative logo they definitely should be on top of your list. Though illustration is one of their strength, they have a creative team that produces stunning design work from pixel to print. Oh, wait! did I mention how excellent their customer service is?  You can find their logo design prices directly on their website, as for other design work you’ll have to contact them for costs.

2Colour Bean

Since 2016 2Colour Bean has created 300+ logos for small businesses in different industries across South Africa. Our logo design portfolio reflects why we are one of the best logo design companies South Africa has to offer. We collaborate with you to create a logo design that will reflect your brand values and help customers identify your brand.

Digital Consulting

From a simple logo design to a full corporate identity design. A picture tells a thousand words and we take great pride in making sure that yours captures the story and essence of your business.

Logo Company

Logo Company is a creative graphic design services company in South Africa, delivering sophisticated Corporate Identity Design, Logo Design, Web Design with Action Script, Brochure, E-Catalogues, Promotional Design in Johannesburg.

Leno Media

They provide convenient logo design packages and pricing. You can also build your own custom quote. Their logo portfolio features modern, abstract and illustrative logos.


If getting a logo done with a limited budget, I hope this list of 5 trustworthy logo design companies in South Africa will help you hire the right graphic design firm. Remember, adaptability, process, conceptualization and presentation separate good logo design companies from the rest. You can also check out our logo design portfolio and prices here: Logo Design
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