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SEO the only digital marketing method that continue to pay dividends over time. Let’s get your website in front of people who already searching for service providers like you with our affordable Cape Town SEO services.

SEO Cape Town

Rank higher on Google and get more traffic to your website

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What is SEO

What is SEO?

In short SEO is the process of implementing best content optimization practices recommended by Search engines to improve a website, page or blog posts search rankings. SEO is also an acronym, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO essential for my small business website?

After successfully developing a website for your small business you want prospects to know about it – find it online when searching for services your company offers and contact you. Other than SEO there is also PPC and social media advertising that can drive people to your website.

The only difference is that you need to spend money to do so and if people do not take the actions you intend them to you lose money.


Be found when people need your services

Optimizing your website for search engines is basically making yourself available anytime to people searching for service providers near them. Google study show that most people conduct near me searches before visiting a place.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is the idea behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Well search engines and SEO industry share similar goals. Search engines want to help people find what they looking for online at any given time of the day or night. That is not all search engines want to help small businesses grow – it is no surprise that Google continues to improve their Google My Business listing platform.

There’s no better time to start implementing SEO strategy in your digital marketing than now. 

About Our Affordable SEO Service

2Colour Bean is known for designing unique and simple brand identities and websites. Our best company SEO strategy helps us remain at the top of search results. Try logo design companies Cape Town or  logo design South Africa you will see us in the first page of Google.

Rank better on Google

We want to help you improve your sites search rankings by implementing SEO methods and tricks that work. Your sites ranking can improve approximately within 3 months and eventually you will see increase in website inquiries in the 5th month.

Grow your business online

The interest of seeing small businesses grow has led us to offering affordable SEO services. We realised not many people can afford the hefty prices SEO agencies charge and came up with a solution that accommodates people with limited marketing budgets.

Keyword Research 

The benefits of optimizing a site is that you get to target keywords that attract quality traffic to your site. Our SEO marketing experience helped us developed a keyword research strategy that help us identify search terms with buyer intent.

Try our SEO services for 6 months absolutely FREE

SEO Cape Town

How will Search engines know my website exists

Google and other internet developers provide tools to help webmaster and website owners submit their site urls to search engines. Once you feel your website has been properly optimized for SEO, it’s time to let search engines know about it so they can start indexing it.

Depending on your competition some of your web pages could make it to the top 10 of search results with in a short period of time. SEO can show results in a weeks time to a year, it all depends on a number of search ranking factors, competition and quality of a website content.

How to can I submit my website to Google

Google developed webmaster tools better known as Google Search Console to help people like you submit websites easily. Like any other Google product you need to have a Gmail account in order to use the webmaster tool.

Once you have an account, you need to visit: Google Seach Console. Once the Google Search Console landing page is open, click the start now button You will see a welcome screen with two URL inputs to verify your domain ownership
What is SEO

Rank higher on Google and get more traffic to your website

Try our SEO services for 6 months absolutely FREE

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What can I do with Search Console tools?

Search console’s collective tools help webmasters measure their site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues picked up by search bots – and make website standout in Google search results.

From your console dashboard you can see which other queries that trigger your site. Analyze impressions, click-through rates and monitor ranking position on Google. As mention earlier, you can submit your sites’ sitemaps and URLs for crawling and more.

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