Web design service South Africa for small businesses
Web design service South Africa for small businesses


Do you feel as if your website is holding you back? Are you unsure if it is losing you customers? Do you worry that potential customers won’t find your offer due to search engine rankings? If that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry anymore.

You have arrived on this page as workings of our web design service and SEO optimisation techniques. These are the techniques that we could be applied to your own small business, to rapidly transform your business’ digital presence & increase visibility.

But before we introduce our web design service South Africa for small businesses, let us tell you about how we helped a startup company attain more than 500 organic leads in just a matter of months.

Successful small business website design and SEO case study

Successful small business website design and SEO case study

Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects hired us in November 2018 to optimise their site for SEO, to improve visibility for customers & increase leads. Previously, they had no online presence, and within just a matter of months they began to see an increase in web performance.

As of 12 October 2020 MPPBP, has generated 657 leads since January 2020 and we need only 43 more leads to break even. These exclude phone calls and WhatsApp inquiries, we only counted leads from their website forms.

Would you like to Achieve similar results or even better with your website? If yes, our small business web design service is for you, click here to see get started. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for web design in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria or anywhere in South Africa, we can help.

Increased visibility and more online leads

We design websites for small businesses like you, to increase visibility in search engine rankings, boost digital leads and increase website conversions by offering simple and professional web design service. We’re web developers in Cape Town, South Africa, and have helped our global client base to boost website performance.

Every small business needs a web design partner that can help them grow by ensuring their brand is visible enough online and attracts more relevant website visitors. 2Colour Bean is a small business web design service provider that deliver results when it comes to website’s SEO performance and conversion rate.

Web design service that tailors your website for customers

Web design service that tailors your website for customers

With our web design service, you can make it easier for customers to find exactly what they want on your website with incredible ease. Meaning more customers will complete their own customer cycle and become long-term buyers of your brand. With an easy-to-follow UX design features, creating a stunning, professional website, has never been so simple before.

Product launches like never before

Now you can increase visibility for your new product lines with our exceptionally skilled landing page design team. All you need to do is tell us what makes you unique, and our team of professional and expert web designers can create a landing page optimised for SEO, and higher conversion rates.

All you need to do is tell us your brand story, and we get straight to work to developing fully functional, that converts.

Web design service with an easy-to-use eCommerce platform

We take the headaches and stress out of developing your own ecommerce store. Our Powered Ecommerce Platform means you can sell online, without any of the hassle. Reach buyers anywhere, at any time, to give them total freedom to shop all of your latest products. We’ve got experienced eCommerce web developers and web designers that can take your idea and turn it into a beautiful online shop your customers will love.

Improve website performance

Finally, you can track your very own website’s statistics using our integration. Even receive monthly reports sent directly to your inbox, totally free of charge. Our complimentary reports include valuable insights on your website’s most popular pages, and allow you make adjustments to improve the overall web performance of your brand.

Expose your brand to more digital opportunities

Our web design services integrate fully with a broader strategy for your business. This allows your brand to attract more relevant website visitors and convert them into customer leads. Its no use to have a website if its invisible to your target customers.

With a like us that knows the building blocks of a good website, you can rest assured you will get advise on how your website needs to be optimized in order to attract the relevant target audience. And convert visitors into sales leads.

A well optimized website can get you more leads with less work

We offer services that allow your business to rank higher in search engine results and adapt more cost-effective methods of acquiring leads. Continually drive relevant customers to your website by optimising for the most profitable and popular keywords in your own industry.

Does this sound like a web design service that can work for you? If your goal is to acquire sales leads using your website, then our website design service is for you. There are so many web developers in South Africa that design and develop beautiful websites.

But there are a few web design companies that know how to develop a website that can get you clients. Look no further for affordable web design services in South Africa, 2Colour Bean offers customer-friendly web design prices in South Africa. Click here to see our website design prices.


You can attract more potential customers and leads to your website by using Google My Business. By optimising your website with our services, customers in your local area who want your services can find you with ease. GMB is what allows you to send these potential leads to landing pages and promote other valuable information about your business and services.

Web design service South Africa for small businesses

Having a well-designed and professional website is crucial to gain an advantage over competitors and grow your customer base. That’s why we can offer you website design services that build trust with your website visitors, as well as boost your overall brand reputation and generate more leads online.

Beautiful, high converting landing pages

We create our pages with one goal in mind: how can we improve the experience for our customers. We keep our designs totally focused on the one thing that truly matters the most: how the user perceives the design. This user-focus is what has led us to develop websites that have generated hundreds of consistent leads four our clients every month.

With our web design service your needs come first

Here at 2Colour Bean, we are not happy until you are. Our strategic and collaborative approach to designing websites is simple: We listen to what you want. Once you outline the exact style of website that you would like, our trusted professionals begin to create a website that resembles your exact requests.

Don’t know what you want? Don’t worry. Our are familiar with every nuance of their trade. They can create stunning websites for you, with little or no information needed. We offer more than web design our services extend to logo design, company profile design, packaging design and much more branding.


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