What is the cost of a company profile in South Africa?

No matter what type of business you have, you need a company profile. It depends on the nature of your business as to how much it will cost to create a company profile. The cost might be sufficient merely to have a profile on your website or the profile might require design and printing in addition. Therefore, the amount you spend will depend on its purpose. Read on to find out how much a company profile in South Africa costs.
What is the cost of a company profile in South Africa?

What are the benefits of having a company profile?

Investing time or money in writing a company profile gives you an opportunity to differentiate your business or organisation. This is an effective way to showcase your organisation’s unique history, purpose, mission, and values. Your company profile will grow as your business achieves new milestones. In the future, your company profile will need to be revised as you reach milestones worthy of sharing with your customers and investors.

Here are the factors that influence the cost of creating a company profile

It is different from logo design, where the designer is given a design brief to create your logo. A compelling company profile involves the input of several stakeholders, including the business owner, a brand strategist, a copywriter, and a graphic designer, if the profile is to be printed. Here are the factors that add up to the cost of a company profile:

Brand strategy

Your role as the founder of the company requires you to work closely with a brand strategist and any other decision makers to identify the essence of the brand. Because of budget constraints, collaborating with a brand strategist might be impossible. But you can still do it yourself or get help from a copywriter. Or skip this step and work with your copywriter on whatever they come up with based on what you share with them in your brief.


Writers charge different rates based on their experience and creativity. Some writers charge per word while others bill a flat rate per page. However, copywriting prices should not be a concern for you since a company profile does not need to be lengthy. Having an excellent about us page is essential, as it relates to the story and purpose of your business, as well as your mission statement and core values.

Design and printing

When a business owner visits a few competitor websites to get inspiration or steal ideas for writing their company profile, the design of the profile and printing may be the only costs involved. Company profile designers in South Africa charge anywhere between R500 and over R10 000, depending on their design skills and experience. The cost of printing company profiles depends on the printing method, the finishing, and the number of brochures to be produced.

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