Why your company needs a simple logo design in SA

Why your company needs a simple logo design in South Africa

Every business needs a simple logo design in South Africa in order to effectively compete in it’s respective industry. People are no longer reading printed business directories, they search for companies on Google and sometimes use Facebook to see what others are saying about your business. Both Google my business and Facebook allows you to upload a profile image which in this case is your business logo. Dimensions of these images are as low as 160x160px for a Facebook page profile making some elements disappear in a complex logo.

If your company’s logo is not displaying properly on smaller scale consider a rebrand as this will make prospects loose initial trust. By just looking at your company’s logo people will decide whether to scroll down and read more or search for a competitor. Remember your logo is a selling point in your business you want people to remember and recognise it even if it’s used in a small display ad or Facebook ad.

If you’re looking to refresh your companies brand image or start a new company we offer the most affordable logo design in South Africa.

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