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With SEO packages starting at R1500pm, you can achieve more from SEO by partnering with an SEO company that delivers results easily and cost-effectively

With our SEO company, you are guaranteed to receive more email inquiries and phone calls from your website within 90 days, or we will work for free until you begin to see results. We offer flexible SEO packages that allow you to scale as your website achieves success.

Discover our SEO company secret to generate +15 leads per week in 90 days without having to spend a dime on Facebook or Google ads.

Your search for SEO service providers in Johannesburg on Google likely led you to this page, so you may want to improve your own search position there. The goal of SEO is to get your most profitable service pages at the top of search results.

In order to ensure our clients get qualified leads from their organic traffic, consistently, our SEO strategy focuses on three pillars of effective SEO; Relevancy, Authority and User Experience. SEO does not require magic, but rather consistency. Take a look at the following screenshot of one of our SEO Johannesburg clients:

Four months SEO services results our SEO company achieved for one of our SEO Johannesburg clients, WJ Gamazine Suppliers


You can expect profitable SEO results if your content is highly relevant to what people are searching for with Google’s latest algorithm. We have long since moved on from the days of writing content to outsmart search engines by stuffing keywords. Therefore, you must invest in high quality content if you wish to transform your poorly performing website into a well-oiled lead generation machine.

Building your site's authority

You become more credible and your keyword rankings increase when search engines see that authoritative, high-ranking websites are linking to your content. There is a much higher risk of negatively affecting your ranking if you purchase low quality backlinks.

One link from a relevant authoritative site is worth more than a thousand low quality backlinks purchased from Fiverr. To build links, we target niche-specific sites for guest posting opportunities.

User experience

Additionally, if your website is fast and easy to navigate, as well as easy to read on any device, it will aid your search engine ranking. Our website designers use the latest web technologies to help with this as well. We build all of our websites using WordPress, which is known for its SEO friendliness, the ease of building pixel-perfect websites faster, and the fact that more than 50% of websites in the world are built on this platform.

Convenient, predictable SEO packages that include managed monthly links

Convenient, predictable SEO packages that include managed monthly links

A reasonable cost for the core essentials of search engine optimisation. We will help you grow your business with a monthly SEO package aimed at building quality backlinks to your most profitable pages.

Each of our packages includes a comprehensive analysis of your site’s current SEO performance, monthly content-based links built through outreach and content creation, and ongoing management of your link building by an experienced SEO specialist.

Ideal for service business owners who are looking for:

  • SEO services in Johannesburg that are budget-friendly and effective for small businesses
  • And creating a solid foundation without the need to engage an agency

Kickstarter package

You can boost organic website traffic and sales by implementing a proven SEO strategy. We will ensure that your website follows SEO best practices.

  • Custom content strategy
  • 1x Blog post
  • 1x Guest Post Link
  • DA30 Average
  • Multi-topic sites
  • Guest posts relevant to your niche
  • Includes content creation


Content-driven package

With an SEO package that combines high-quality content with authority link building, you can skyrocket organic website traffic and lead generation.

  • Custom Content Strategy
  • 2x Blog Posts
  • 2x Guest Post Links
  • DA50 Average
  • Multi-topic Sites
  • Guest posts relevant to your niche
  • Includes content creation


How to get started

Its easy to get our attention and start to work with us.

01. Schedule a call

We want to learn about your business and the challenges you're facing with your business right now.

02. Custom solution

Let us know your goals during our call so that we may outline a strategy that will be effective for you.

03. The results

Whether it is a logo or website, our team  aims to deliver the results that will make the difference in your marketing.

Our services

Take your digital strategy to the next level with a content-driven SEO agency

Our search engine optimisation services improve the visibility of our clients’ websites substantially, which leads to a high volume of high-quality traffic.

The results we produce are the result of our agile, data-driven approach to search engine optimization. No two SEO campaigns are the same. What works for one website may not work for another.

A successful campaign involves evaluating the objectives of our clients, their target audiences, and the search landscape. Some campaigns focus on technical SEO and relevant content. Some focus on UX design, PR, or brand marketing. Some require all components to work together. Together, we figure out what you need, and then design a campaign that meets it.

Quality & relevant content

High-quality content is frequently overlooked by many businesses. However, the most important factor is providing high-quality relevant content as search engines are trying to find exactly what a user is looking for.

Words that you use on your website - that is content - play a significant role in search engine optimisation (SEO). As part of our comprehensive SEO strategy, we'll ensure you rank for your most profitable keywords through copywriting, link optimisation, descriptions/titles, and blogs.

Keyword Inclusion

Optimising your website content is essential to achieving the desired ranking and to ensure that all of your website's copy, images, titles, descriptions, and links contain the keywords you wish to be found for. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your keywords – both your current rankings and those you wish to rank for.

As a result, we build a content strategy that groups similar topics and links them to the relevant service pages on your website, to ensure that your website is found for informational and transactional searches.

Local search optimisation

It is likely that most of your customers are searching locally for the services you offer using Google. Local search is undoubtedly a critical component of many businesses' marketing strategy.

We will optimise your Google My Business listing so you are positioned for local success. It is also an effective method for businesses seeking to increase regional leads as it provides tailored content that is targeted at your particular area or suburbs within your city

Healthy Website Structure

It is very important to carefully consider how your website is structured, constructed, and linked together. The website must be easy to navigate, easy to use, and contain useful information so that search engines can display all that you have to offer.

Our technical SEO services in Johannesburg include everything from site speed to robots.txt configurations, taking everything to the next level.

What is SEO and why should you invest in it now than later?

Optimising a website for search engines (SEO) is the process of increasing its visibility for relevant keywords within search engine results. More visibility leads to more traffic, and more traffic leads to more sales.

The process of search engine optimization consists of many elements, including technical configuration, content quality, and relevance, as well as user experience. Effective SEO is about understanding which elements are required and when, as no campaign is the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

Why is search engine optimisation important?

For a website to be successful, potential customers must be able to discover it. The importance of search engine optimisation cannot be overstated. By ensuring your website is crawled and indexed effectively, your website becomes more visible to search engines.

There are more opportunities to convert visitors into customers when more people click through to the website. Furthermore, SEO plays a key role in building brand trust and credibility, and is very cost-effective compared to other marketing techniques.

What does onsite search engine optimisation involve?

Onsite SEO includes, but is not limited to:

  • Implementation of new information architecture
  • Transactional and informational content creation
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt tag optimisation
  • Canonical tag and hreflang tag optimisation
  • Sensible implementation of robots.txt
  • Implementation of 301 redirects
  • Correction of 404 errors
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Structured data and Schema markup implementation
  • Correction of faulty front end code
  • Correction of mobile compatibility issues or slow loading times

What does offsite search engine optimisation involve?

The activities that take place outside your website are just as important as what takes place on it. In order to rank favorably in search results, a website needs to be deemed to have authority on a given topic. To build authority, a website needs votes of confidence, which are commonly acquired through links from other websites. Obtaining backlinks from highly relevant and high-quality external platforms is the essence of offsite SEO.

More about us

Take action now to achieve long-term success online

A successful search engine optimization strategy requires constant monitoring, tweaking, and a variety of strategic tactics to improve the visibility of your business’ website on search engines such as Google.

Our SEO team at 2Colour Bean has helped many businesses in Cape Town and Johannesburg achieve organic success through our tailored SEO strategies by achieving top positions on search engines.

SEO Johannesburg

We offer a comprehensive set of SEO solutions to help take your business to the next level. We provide everything from on-page optimisation to technical audits and implementation to off-page strategies - one of Google's most important ranking factors. To assist you in attaining digital success, we will leave no stone unturned.

Local search strategy

Our local SEO solutions are tailored to target the most qualified leads in your geographical area in order to drive organic visibility and lead generation. As a result of our laser-focused approach, we ensure that every marketing penny is being used efficiently, while our off-page and on-page strategies provide powerful results for your local SEO campaign.

High-quality content

You cannot expect search engines to view your website as an authority if you do not have informative content. However, writing high-quality SEO content takes a considerable amount of time that you do not have. With the help of our search engine optimisation specialists, we can uncover the most important questions your ideal clients are asking (and then we can write all the content for you).

Building backlinks

Building a strong network of backlinks is at the heart of SEO. Similarly to your personal relationships, the quality of your links is more important than its quantity. In order to build a diverse network of authoritative links, our team is committed to creating a few high-quality links rather than a thousand low-quality backlinks.

Here are some answers to some of our most common questions

A lot depends on your current situation, your past SEO efforts, and the competition in your industry. Many websites can move from page 2 to page 1 within three months with the right SEO strategy. You should expect to wait at least six months for a newly launched website to achieve high first page rankings for competitive keywords. Over this period, your leads and traffic will steadily and consistently increase, but once you reach the top half of the first page, you will experience significant gains.

You should evaluate your website objectives and how you plan to achieve them. For example, SEO is a no-brainer if you plan to generate long-term leads. For overnight traffic and lead generation, you would be better off paying Google or Facebook to send you traffic. However, the only problem with paid ads is that you pay for every click, regardless of whether the client actually pays.

The only way to stay ahead of your competition in the search engines is by continuously optimising your website. Although basic SEO can be conducted by you, an experienced SEO professional is recommended for more effective results. This is especially true if you are in a competitive market and wish to get a piece of the action. compared to our brief and any goals we set at the beginning of the project.

We do guarantee results, however SEO is not an exact science. Ranking on Google depends on your website’s level of competition, the number of search queries, and its overall quality. In addition to our confidence in our approach, we guarantee that within 90 days you will be on page one for lucrative (money-making) keywords, or our services will be free until you reach it.

With regard to our pricing, we are committed to being transparent. Our prices range from R1500 to R4500+ with no contracts and are based on your business and your goals.

Keeping a high ranking on search engines as well as a high volume of traffic requires constant effort on the part of your team. SEO is not a one-time service. In order to establish and grow your company’s online presence, some form of SEO work will always be necessary, however the intensity may vary.

Unlike some companies, we do not require a minimum agreement. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality, effective work that will keep you happy with the results on a monthly basis.

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