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With our website design and development services, businesses are able to generate leads consistently, with pixel-perfect design and maximum performance

A well-designed logo and brand identity can serve as a powerful tool for achieving new levels of success and profitability for any company. It is our goal to create more than a logo, we strive to build the foundations of a successful and strong brand.

2Colour Bean offers professional company logo design services in Johannesburg, South Africa with reasonably pricing for logo design packages in South Africa

Our logo design process is outlined below

A truly outstanding logo takes more research, thought, care, and technique than you might think. It needs to capture your brand identity and meet all of your unique requirements. Working with a logo design agency with experience will ensure that your ideas and unique characteristics are incorporated into a strategic approach.

We do not believe in rushing things, and we won’t overwhelm you with hundreds of sketches that lack ambition and direction; instead, we focus on creating a few carefully crafted designs that accurately represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Phase 1: logo design brief

The logo design requirements of every business are different, so we need as much info as possible from you to make sure we get it right. We’re going to have a discovery meeting to talk about your business and what you want your logo to do.

Your information will enable us to dig deeper and get a better understanding of what makes your business tick. We’ll talk about everything from your company’s history and future goals to your competition.

Phase 2: research & ideation

Having a thorough understanding of your business will help us design the perfect logo. Our team of experienced designers will research your company, your competitors, and your target market before you put pen to paper. One of the most important parts of the logo design process is making sure that every design decision is made with thought and purpose, so they emphasise what makes your company unique. When it comes to drafting the initial concepts of the design, we can draw upon our exploration here to help us.

Phase 3: designing your logo

During the design phase, we create a mood board of images, colour palettes, and symbols that represent your industry and resonate with your brand message. Then we sketch rough sketches of our initial logos, giving us a bunch of ideas. Having a few promising ideas, we refine only the strongest ones, giving you a smaller selection of high-quality designs to choose from. We need a bit of space here so we can think of other ideas and refer back to your initial objectives as needed to make sure our designs meet your needs.

Some of our logo designs

Get inspired

Silver Tree Capital Logo Design
Little Kubu Lodge Logo Design
Wedding Insider Logo Design
Eyes and Ears Durban Logo Design
Vomex Energy Logo Design
One Degree Logo Design Cape Town
Baobab CT Logo Design
Mrali Recordings Logo Design Johannesburg
DealRock Risk-Partners Logo Design
Voli Construction Logo Design East London
Spoon and Half Coffee Logo Design
Daila Certifications Logo Design
JGF Attorneys Logo Design
Keeping It Natural Logo Design
Q Capital World Logo Design
Rob Shaps Kitchen Logo Design
African Wild Comfort Logo Design
Crave Haven Tapas Logo Design

Logo design packages that can help you establish a distinctive brand identity

We offer custom logo design packages tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. Get a package tailored to your business or brand today.

Considering that every business has unique requirements, all of our packages are fully customisable. We will put together a custom logo design package for you that meets your needs.

This is if you let us know what stationery, social media or other graphic design materials you require. From company profiles and websites to communication design and vehicle wraps, we can help you establish a visual brand identity.

It has become increasingly important for businesses and other organisations to develop brand identities that are effective in today’s saturated design environments for print and digital media.

In order to compete for market share, it is imperative that your brand is established, maintained, and expanded across multiple channels. The ability to create a memorable logo, brand identity and creative branding can prove invaluable in highly competitive industries.

Logo Design

With this brand identity package, you'll have all the tools you need to create stylish, consistent marketing collateral that resonates with your ideal client.

  • Mood Board
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Manual
  • Original Vector


Startup Package

A complete marketing package that includes everything you need to share your business with the world from logos to stationery to websites.

  • Mood Board
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery
  • Brand Manual


How to get started

Its easy to get our attention and start to work with us.

01. Schedule a call

We want to learn about your business and the challenges you're facing with your business right now.

02. Custom solution

Let us know your goals during our call so that we may outline a strategy that will be effective for you.

03. The results

Whether it is a logo or website, our team  aims to deliver the results that will make the difference in your marketing.

Our services

Strategic brand identity design services in Johannesburg

Our brand designers help transform your brand strategy into a visual identity, establishing the look and feel of your brand from your logo to brand colour palette, your brand font and style to your iconography. It’s not only your messaging but the visual aesthetic of your brand which should speak to and resonate with target audiences.

Logo, brand colours & font

When it comes to brand identity, your company logo plays a key role. Logo is the most noticeable element of branding. It is essential that your company logo be simple enough for your customers to recognise your brand. We develop a colour palette paired with a font that reinforces your brand.

Corporate identity

Put your new brand visuals in front of the world by incorporating your logo design into your brand collateral. We can translate your visual identity across all your key brand sales and marketing collateral including corporate stationery, website, brochures, and corporate clothing.

Packaging design

Your brand identity doesn’t just need to be reflected in your sales and marketing collateral, but your product packaging too. As one of the most frequently encountered customer touchpoints, it is important to ensure product packaging design stands out and portrays the consistent brand perception and position as every other touchpoint in the customer journey.

Brand style guide

You need clear brand guidelines in place which can be followed and governed to maintain consistency in your visual identity. Our team develops a brand book with specific guidelines which depict how your brand should be represented in all communications, including style of photography, use of your logo, fonts to be used, when and how to use brand colours amid various other elements.

What is a brand identity and why it is important for your business?

Creating a strong and distinctive visual identity requires more than just a logo. Logos are only one aspect of a brand. It is true that a logo represents a business, but it is not the whole story. It is not sufficient to design a logo alone to establish a strong visual identity. First and foremost, you must understand what a brand is and what it takes to create one in order to develop unique identity.

What defines a brand’s identity are its mission statement, its values, how it communicates its product, and how it wants people to feel when they interact with it. In order for a company to present the right image to its consumers, it creates a visual identity that incorporates all the elements that support the brand. While the terms “brand identity” and “branding” are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

In business, a brand is a feature that distinguishes one organisation from another. There are several components of a corporate identity package, including its name, tagline, logo or symbol, design, brand voice, and so on. In other words, brand identity refers to your brand’s personality as well as the values you convey to your customers through your brand.

It is important to recognise that a visual identity is a reflection of your business and can provide inspiration and a sense of loyalty to your company. It is therefore imperative that your business has a strong identity in order to succeed in the future. In addition, it facilitates a consistent message across all marketing channels, representing your brand’s values and personality.

As the market becomes more competitive, brands are forced to devise new ways to stand out. Your company’s identity allows you to find a suitable position for your brand and create an attractive design that will be recognised by your customers. You will increase brand awareness as a result.

More about us

Professional logo design services company in Johannesburg

We’re a logo design company in Johannesburg that exists to help you make your brand stand out through the combination of clearly articulated strategy with creative design. Simplicity is key not a trend. A logo design must be simple to ensure effective communication when it comes to marketing a business or product. As such, keep your logo design as simple as possible to ensure it communicates effectively.

When it comes to your visual brand identity, company logo design plays a key role in identification. Your company logo should be simple enough for your customers to recognise your brand. People must recognise your brand at first glance. They should also be able to easily describe or identify the shapes used to construct your company logo.

We’re one of the leading custom logo designing companies in Johannesburg that appreciate simplicity in design. Since 2016, 2Colour Bean has been crafting bespoke business logos for over 300 small businesses. We are a leader in designing company logos that stand out because of our simple designs that set us apart from others.


Good logos are the foundation of a company's branding. All elements of your branding should be consistent and cohesive. The best way to do that is to start with your logo.


A logo helps establish credibility for any business. Without a logo at all can give the opposite impression, that a company is unorganised, inexperienced, or even untrustworthy.


The market is more crowded than ever, so a logo is a way to stand out, to stay ahead of the competition, and to catch the attention of prospective clients. Make your logo stand out by being simple, bold, and memorable.

First Impressions

Making a great first impression is extremely important. Potential customers take less than three seconds to decide whether or not to invest their time in a company's products or services. A logo is often the first thing they see!

Here are some answers to some of our most common questions

It usually takes us about two weeks to finish a logo design project from start to finish. We’ll let you know at the beginning of the process, and we’ll talk before you make any payment, if our workload varies slightly. As well as response times, the 2 week turnaround depends on how many changes are requested.

The logo designs we present to you will consist of three initial concepts we think fit your company’s needs. Based on what we learn from your initial interview, we develop these concepts through a thorough and meticulous design process. Each logo idea is then compared to our brief and any goals we set at the beginning of the project.

With your help, we’ll pick the strongest idea from the three and refine and finalise it, leaving you with a final logo design. After final payment has been received, your new logo files will be sent to you, passing copyright ownership to you.

We design your logo based on what we talk about at the beginning of the process. Give us as much info as you can so we can get a clear idea of your company, its goals, and what you want the logo to be like.

You’ll get a rationale for how we came up with our initial concepts, and why we think they’d work for you. All our decisions are carefully considered and based on what we think your target audience will like, and what will make you stand out.

Logos aren’t always about liking them personally; they’re about doing your business, not about admiring them. We’ll work with you to create a symbol that reaches the goals we agreed upon at the start of the project, and includes any specific requests you’ve made. In case you still don’t like the logo design after revisions, you don’t have to pay the final amount.

Logo Design – Final Files

At the end of the project you will receive a zip folder containing your new logo in all industry standard file formats and colour profiles, ready for use across everything from print to digital.

Included in your zip folder will be:

File Formats:
JPEG – Small file size, perfect for applications such as email signatures.
PNG – Lossless compression and transparency supported. Perfect choice for digital and web applications.
PDF – Universally recognised vector file format. Useful for redistribution.
EPS – Editable, scalable and transparent, this versatile format is perfect for any application, especially print.
SVG – Editable, scalable and very small file size. Perfect for web and logo animation.
AI – Adobe Illustrator file is the industry standard for easy editing and sharing with other designers.

Colour Profiles:

CMYK – Full colour logo. Industry standard for any print materials.
RGB – Full colour logo. Industry standard for any on screen applications.
PMS – Full colour logo. Highest degree of accuracy for precision printing.
Positive Colour Profile – CMYK & RGB versions of your logo in full positive colour profile, for use on light backgrounds.
Negative Colour Profile – CMYK & RGB versions of your logo in a negative colour profile. Inverse colours (predominantly white) for use on dark backgrounds.
Black Silhouette – A pure black version of your logo is provided, ideal for use on black and white or single colour documents.
White Silhouette – An all white version of your logo is provided. Perfect for use over full colour, patterned or photographic backgrounds.

Logo Style Guide

You will receive a full logo style guide branded for your business. This contains the details of your new identity system for use internally, or to distribute to external design agencies in the future. This helps maintain brand consistency wherever your logo is used.

Request a quote to get started

Request a quote to get started